Procure to Pay (P2P) & Accounts Payable Solutions for Businesses

Reduce costs, Maximize the Bottom Line, and Cultivate Strong Ties with Suppliers.

Future-Ready P2P Processes and Accounts Payable Solutions

Antiquated and inefficient Procure to Pay (P2P) or Accounts Payable (AP) processes are among the biggest contributors towards draining a company’s resources. When improperly managed, they can strain and negatively impact supplier relationships and cause damage to the company’s credibility.

Boosting profitability is the top priority for all finance leaders, signifying the importance of improving the effectiveness of procurement processes, fortifying supply chains, and optimizing supplier expenses.

Outsourced Accounts Payable Services to Streamline Procure-to-Pay Processes

Invoice Processing

befree provides outsourced payment processing services geared towards increasing the speed of invoice payments by streamlining payment runs based on due dates and contract terms.

Boost cash flow and bring in additional savings by leveraging our resources and automation services which enables you to exploit early payment discounts.

Purchase Order (PO) Management

Streamline the process of creating, administering, and managing requisitions and purchase orders by leveraging your extended befree team.

Automate repetitive tasks through our RPA tools to drive efficiency and boost productivity.

Contract Management

Proficiently manage and administer contracts for a limitless number of vendors and suppliers with ease.

Your extended team bears the responsibility for seamlessly managing contracts while adhering to well defined standard operating procedures.

Vendor Master Data Administration

befree supports and augments your vendor master data to speed-track data processes and management at all times.

Vendor Reconciliation

We assist your Vendor Reconciliation tasks for the vendor and customer accounts as provided by them, with the books of accounts of the clients.

Time and Expense Administration

We aid and streamline travel and expense accounting tasks to boost accuracy and effectiveness.

Our accounting professionals have experience with multiple T&E accounting systems.

Reporting and Control

Throughout the P2P cycle, we deliver detailed, timely and accurate reports using intuitive dashboards and personalized formats to meet your business requirements.

Supplier Helpdesk Support

Our Supplier Helpdesk Support services for accounts payable make it quick and easy to access relevant information for suppliers. These services effectively minimize supplier queries and help resolve any issues that may potentially occur.

How Do You Benefit

Cost Savings and Efficiency

Competitive pricing can save you up to 40% compared to in-house accounting, optimizing resource allocation.

Compliance Assurance

befree's experts keep you compliant with evolving tax laws, minimizing risks and penalties.

Access to Specialized Expertise

Our team of accounting experts guarantees accurate financial management, both domestically and internationally.

Tailored Solutions

We offer customized solutions and flexible pricing structures, designed to suit the specific needs of businesses.

Enhanced Focus on Core Activities

Outsourcing eliminates staff-related concerns, allowing companies to focus on their core activities, with support from accounting experts.

Efficient Workflow Management

Our job portal provides real-time tracking, offering visibility into the progress of tasks and projects, which enhances collaboration and transparency.

Accreditations & Partnerships

Data Security

Your data is treated with utmost seriousness

We are ISO 27001 certified. We ensure your data remains secure and is compliant with local data protection policies.

Improve efficiency and Increase Profit Margins

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