Do you find yourself occupied doing the routine admin and back-office tasks?

No matter what type of business you run or for how long you are operating, you can definitely benefit from the Virtual Practice Admin services.

Growing a business can be tough when you spend most of your time doing admin and back-office tasks which are crucial to run the business but can be managed by someone else.

A practice admin is someone who works remotely from our office and acts as your dedicated team member. You can communicate with the team members online via Skype, Zoom, email, chat or phone. Having a practice admin on your team ensures the routine tasks are taken care of by the team member so you can focus and invest your time in marketing, and client relationship building.

Our Offering

The Virtual Practice Admin offers a range of back office business support including (but not limited to):

  • Email and call management
  • HMRC task
  • Managing companies house
  • Debtor's management
  • Workflow management
  • HR Operations
  • Calendar management
  • Supply chain coordination
  • Report preparations
  • Website coordination
  • Cloud storage management

However, the tasks are not limited to this and we are happy to take on any task that can be done remotely.

Few of the tasks our Virtual Practice Admin can perform for you:

  • Customer service through Email, Chat or phone
  • HMRC and Companies House calls
  • Corporation Tax/PAYE/VAT withholding registrations and deregistrations
  • Add/remove clients at HMRC
  • Managing the Companies house tasks
  • Prepare Professional clearance letters
  • Payment plan setup
  • Onboarding & offboarding employees
  • Adding employees to the payroll system
  • Sales and purchase order processing
  • Invoicing
  • Follow up with debtors for payment collection (email & calls)
  • Prepare engagement letters/agreement/proposal
  • Processing AML and Risk Assessments for the clients
  • Cloud storage streamlining (set folder structures and nomenclature)
  • Calendar management
  • Creating PowerPoint presentation
  • Updating the Website
  • Preparing the blogs for Practices
  • Creating new user profiles in any software
  • Internet Research (build prospect list)
  • Following up with prospects/ clients
  • Post jobs to job portals
  • Assist with the placement of orders, refunds or exchanges
  • Transcription
  • Proofreading
  • Data Entry

Our Team

Our team members are highly skilled individuals, each having attained the accreditation award during their first 3 months with the company. The assigned team member will have the below skills:

Communication skills

The assigned team member will have good written and verbal communication skills to ensure flawless communication with your team and the clients.

Time Management skills

The staff will have skills to manage their own day-to-day tasks, and ensure assigned tasks are completed before the deadline.

Organizational skills

The team member will have good organizational skills to set priorities, plan out project workflow, implement automation and streamline processes to achieve better efficiency.

Why should you sign up for the Virtual Practice Admin services?

The Virtual Practice Admin takes the pressure off your shoulders as a business owner to manage everything which ultimately frees up your time to do the things which you need to do in order to grow your business. Benefits of the service include:

Bigger Picture

When you outsource your back-office work, you can focus on the bigger picture and increase your productivity by delegating time-consuming admin tasks.


You can hire a virtual practice admin at a much cheaper rate with the same knowledge base. It also allows you to outsource regular processing tasks if that enables you to focus on higher-value reviewing tasks.

Build your team while keeping expenses low

Based on the type of business you own, hiring a VPA will help you to build your team even without the need for a physical office.

Better Workflow

Most business owners often try to do everything on their own which causes fatigue, stress and overwhelmedness.


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