Our Client Testimonials

Having worked with befree, I can’t be happier. They are very easy and pleasant to work with. They are hardworking and very knowledgeable/experienced. I now have my weekends back and can confidently delegate work to them.

Practice owner


Befree has a highly skilled team who have integrated within our business model. Their service is excellent and their staff are knowledgeable, friendly and very helpful. They work extremely well with our inhouse team and the communication between everyone is fantastic.

Practice owner


Having Befree on board with us has allowed us to expand our services and grow our accounting practice over the past few years and this has been invaluable to us.

Practice owner


We would highly recommend Befree to anyone looking to expand their business.

Practice owner


befree provides just what my company and I require. Experienced staff provide prompt service. My shoulders have been lifted, and I am now truly free to go on vacation and get involved in other activities, knowing that my business bookkeeping and accounts are in excellent hands.

Sonja Bernhardt OAM

CEO, ThoughtWare

befree allowed me to focus on the business side of things while the befree Team takes care of the back-end responsibilities. befree even went above and beyond to help me with reports and statements that my tax accountant wanted, and they are really easy to work with.

Sumeet Rupani

Director, Prime Corporation

befree team follows directions to the letter, is proactive, manages critical assignments, and communicates well. The befree resource given to Future Fitouts is a valuable asset to the team

Lauren Lowe

Co-Founder | Operations Director, Future Fitouts

Isochem has long worked with befree, and our bookkeeping process runs well, allowing us to concentrate on other elements of our business. The befree crew is exceptionally well-organized and productive. Payables and receivables responses have been favourable, and we've started sending reminders to all debtors, which is a good sign. The staff has a good understanding of the reporting side of the business. If a problem arises, they respond promptly by resolving it, and we are satisfied.

Alireza Ehsani

Managing Director, Isochem Australia Pty Ltd.

I simply wanted to say that the befree follow-up process is excellent. Many people might think we'd be annoyed if you kept nagging us about it, but you didn't stop troubling us, and we genuinely appreciate it. It's crucial to pay employees on time. If we don't, we'll be dealing with major issues that will take a long time to resolve, as well as angry employees.

Dean Salakas

Chief Party Dude, The Party People

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