Paraplanning Expertise

We’re your Paraplanning superpower. End-to-end paraplanning expertise that’s faster than a locomotive or a Tesla.

We describe outsourcing at befree as the formation of strategic alliances that, when paired with fast-paced technical breakthroughs, enable the creation of limitless chances for new and adaptable business models and strategies. Some of the most significant advantages of modern outsourcing include reduced trouble, increased flexibility, and the capacity to quickly adjust to new trends.

We collaborate with financial advisors to assist clients in making sense of their finances. We integrate our outsourced paraplanning services alongside business owners, financial planners, advisers, and in-house paraplanners, sharing ideas and insights through research, analysis, and reports.

Our Offering

Our research, analysis, and report writing services integrate effortlessly with your organisation, improving service and raising professional standards.

Working with a number of financial advisory firms over a long period of time has given us experience with a wide range of circumstances, which we can use to the work we do for you.

You won’t have to design your own technique or processes because we’ve already done it for you.

All of these elements, together with our qualified and experienced personnel, are critical to our ability to provide outsourced paraplanning services to financial advice businesses across the United Kingdom and Australia.

Admin & Research

We offer different administration support to the advisers including:

We collect all the quantitative detailed information required to compile a financial plan. Specific activities include:

  • Check all compliance paperwork is present
  • Confirm client risk profile is determined
  • Discuss client objectives with the advisor
  • Call providers to get the existing plan information

  • Complete application forms
  • Ensure all compliance paperwork is in order as recommended by the advisor
  • Make changes to clients’ investments as instructed
  • Implement the chosen investment strategies

  • Prepare the annual review meeting pack.
  • Review investment portfolio, asset allocation, risk profile, etc

Suitability Report

We work with advisors to identify the areas for planning. Then complete research to identify suitable solutions to meet the client’s needs.

  • Prepare information/comparisons for further analysis.
  • Consider the current and future allocation of assets for investment strategy with regard to client risk profile
  • Prepare suitability letters in accordance with the agreed recommendations.

We've pioneered a unique engagement model for your peace of mind

Here when you need us

Whatever engagement model suits you—from fixed price to full-time resources—you pay per job and only for what you need.

Incredibly well-trained

UK qualified accountants and ACCA accredited staff. We’ve developed an internal qualification system mapped against UK standards.

UK-based managers

Our UK-based managers have an in-depth experience in your industry - they support you to get the best out of our resources.

ISO-certified security

Our practices are ISO 27001 certified and GDPR compliant, so the integrity and security of every piece of data is bulletproof and beyond doubt.

Realtime job tracking

Track your jobs realtime with better visibility than traditional onsite staff using our job portal to facilitate collaboration and accountability.

24/7 dashboards

Log into your dashboard to monitor job progress and performance—both in the moment and across time—for fast data and control.

Why Us?

We believe that meeting and guiding customers is the most efficient use of an adviser’s time. You didn’t become a financial advisor to sit in a cubicle filling out papers!

Dedicated at all times

Across research, implementation, meetings, and evaluations, our committed team works as if they were your own employee.

Bulletproof Security

Our ISO27001 certification ensures that data is kept safe, secure, and in the appropriate hands at all times.


Our SOA specialists will respond as quickly as possible, and everything will be viewable and tracked in the secure workflow portal for speed and control.

Certified Quality

Our qualified team is RG146-certified and has extensive experience with simple, moderate, and sophisticated techniques.

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