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Outsourced ORDER-TO-CASH
(O2C) Services

The gravity of Order-To-Cash is at a higher pace in an increasingly digital economy because the more efficient and accurate the processes, the better the company’s financial performance

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One of our primary objectives is to build robust processes with effective controls in place to help our clients sustain stable and constant growth.

Though the pressure on global supply chains has posed a substantial issue for many firms, the consequences have been felt downstream as well, including in the order-to-cash (O2C) cycle.


Late payments and a higher volume of credit defaults must be anticipated by businesses. Companies that are proactive in making accurate cash-flow forecasts are best positioned to limit short-term losses and build long-term resilience.

Our consultants prepare an end-to-end process map which outline the operating procedures as per the industry standards

How befree can help provide the solutions to your problems

We offer flexible, scalable services that improve time to value, cost, business impact and user experience

Long Lead Times

The processing and delivery of invoices can be very long-winded, which can lead to your staff spending hours of their time on such low value-added tasks.

Lower Profitability

Delays in delivery can impact a business’s efficiency and the performance of other departmental functions impacting overall profitability.

At befree, we can help you overcome these problems by helping you automate and streamline your systems. With our robust, well-thought-out solutions in place, we can help transform the way your Order-To-Cash function runs.


What we do

Management of Cash Applications

Match payments to open invoices, provide unidentified payment notifications, and keep track of refunds and exceptions. Clients benefit from increased accuracy and end-customer satisfaction as a result of this.

Administration of the Account

Data is pulled from credit bureaus and changes are flagged to relevant users, allowing for line-of-credit assessments, reviews, and ongoing credit-threshold monitoring.

Management of Deductions

Automated dispute resolution, data aggregation, and a dynamic process enable real-time visibility of dispute status for monitoring and governance. Reduce revenue leakage and facilitate straight-through processing by extracting unstructured data and routing exceptions to resolution owners.


Capture data from numerous billing sources to build a single view and electronically distribute bills, allowing collaboration between contested environments for online payments.


Identify trends in large data sets, anticipate consumer payment behaviour, and assist in the real-time management of client credit risk.

Better managed invoicing and collections improve cash flow, while improved order placement and fulfillment help enhance customer relationships.

Our operating model at befree will help you to achieve this and run the OTC cycle effectively.

We also do a value stream mapping to analyse the non-value-added (NVA) and come up with the necessary solutions.

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We do a comparative study of various processes and harmonize it which paves way for efficiency and knowledge retention.

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