Let befree be your accounts department and build your own back-office team of fully qualified accountants.

Befree provides a variety of engagement models in order to suit your firm’s requirements. Our staff are fully trained and are all fully qualified accountants. A strong team would be structured and built to handle your business needs. Outsourcing with befree means you never have to worry about staff turnover, holidays, pensions or sick leaves. The work will always get done at a high quality.

Our UK-based specialist consultants will help you assess the most viable option for your business’s needs and will ensure the smooth functioning of the assigned services. Befree offers three resource models to choose from.

Part-Time / Full-Time Resource

Our part-time, full-time and fully managed team solutions are completely custom. After mapping your accounts processes, we create a process outline and implement the relevant resource solution. Besides greatly reducing costs, our resource solutions will streamline your accounts processes, leading to more efficient use of internal staff’s time.

We can send a UK consultant to assist in mapping your processes and system integrations. We therefore take the burden of staff training and implementation out of your hands.

Alongside a resource, you will also obtain an accounts manager with 10+ years of experience in the UK market and a quality control reviewer who will check all work before it comes back to you. This ensures that all work is performed at a high quality and accuracy level. The process is extremely easy and fully streamlined.

See how you can create a dramatic improvement in business performance and profitability

  • Weekly video calls with your team
  • Access to our highly intuitive workflow management portal
  • Access to ACCA qualified staff
  • Fixed annual fee
  • No holiday or training headaches

We can handle all general accounts and tax functions.
Services that can be included:

Statutory Accounts Preparation


Accounts Payable & Receivable

Management Accounts


Tax Returns (Individual & Corporate)

Forecasting & Reporting

Company secretarial

Software Advice, Set up & Hosting

Custom processes
(after all, every client is different!)

Build Your Own Team of Qualified Accountants

For larger organisations with a higher volume requirement, we’re able to use the same premise of Map – Design – Implement – Manage of our resource offerings, with a custom team. We are able to design a team based on the requirements for your particular process

Building your own team involves structuring your outsourced solution with differing seniority levels and differing skill-sets to have a well-rounded accounts function.

Let befree be your accounts department and build your own back-office team of fully qualified accountants

Why Us?

Time is money, so save it. You’ll spend more time managing your money and less time scaling your business as your company expands. As a result, outsourcing your accounting function allows you to devote more time, effort, and resources to focus on business strategy and growth

Competence in Accounting

We provide high-quality accounting services to over 1000 businesses in the UK and Australia

Streamlined approach

We create long-term solutions to ensure that your work is completed on time, every time


Save money by hiring qualified accountants at a fraction of the cost compared to the UK

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