How to structure your team to create accounting capacity

Attracting and retaining experienced talent is always a worthwhile investment. However, even a high performing team can struggle to untangle themselves from time-consuming tasks.

To create more capacity in this situation, you only have two choices. Either add more headcount to take care of the mounting tasks on hand or extend your team with outsourced accountants to do the grunt work for you.

Adding headcount is often time-consuming and will significantly impact your overall budget requiring further investments in fixed costs. The alternative, namely outsourced accounting, allows you to create more capacity for your existing team without the need to recruit or take on additional employee overheads.

Perhaps the most significant benefit outsourcing provides for accountants is the ability to quickly respond to changing client or legislative requirements while maintaining high-quality client service.

1. Improved practice efficiency

When your outsourcing team is taking care of the day-to-day work for you, you’re able to shift more of your focus to your business operations. You can be proactive rather than reactive, you can focus on strategies to win more clients and you have the time to identify any potential bottlenecks within your business.

2. Ability to scale quickly as needed

Outsourced accounting allows you to scale quickly in response to increasing client demands. Unlike the recruitment of in-house resources, scaling your offshore team means you don’t need to invest in the infrastructure and on boarding of new staff. Instead, your outsourced provider will take care of it all for you.

3. Source qualified staff on demand

When an employee leaves your practice, you lose valuable skills and experience that can be hard to replace. Recruitment takes time and effort, and the training and on boarding of a new staff member can take months.

The advantage of outsourced accounting services is that your service provider can find qualified offshore staff. They’ll also train new staff and provide ongoing management to help protect the continuity of your business.

befree is trusted by a number of global practices ranging from single partner firms to large accounting firms in the top 200. We can help you take proactive steps to increase your efficiency significantly, access the latest technology, create more capacity for your team and help you improve your profit margins.

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