Helped Australia’s Largest Educational Institution Achieve 80% time savings and enhanced accuracy across various operations

Client Overview

The client is among one of Australia’s largest educational institutions managing transactions and invoice processing for thousands of students monthly.

Client Challenges

befree's Solution

Results/ Benefits

80% Time Saved by AP Automation

The AP process automation yielded nearly 80% time savings and enhanced accuracy across various operational aspects while also improving overall efficiency
and reliability of processes.

40% Time Saved by Process Optimization

Achieved over 40% time savings through process optimization by implementing macros for creditors listings, ensuring accuracy and consistency in generating reports.

Streamlined Communication

Our proactive response protocol enhanced timeliness and streamlined communication with agents, underscoring our commitment to high-quality service delivery and stakeholder engagement.

Improved Financial Management

Prioritizing the timely resolution of overdue bills led to improved financial management practices and vendor relationships.

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