Is Superman Syndrome affecting your ability to delegate?

Superman syndrome is derived by the same personal characteristics which makes small business owners and entrepreneurs successful.

Successful business owners often have a strong willpower and a great sense of individualism, this is what led them to take the risk and believe in their ideas and themselves from the start.

However there comes a time where these traits can hinder the growth of a successful start-up. So often, business owners hold onto tasks as they believe they know better.

‘I started this business, I grew this business, so who knows better than me?’

Sometimes they’re right, however we often overlook the fact that 3 hours per week spent on managing emails, or 5 hours per week posting facebook updates and articles may be holding us back from looking at opportunities in new markets or looking for products / services we could offer as supplementaries to our own.

In short we lose touch with what is an important use of our time. The ability to delegate is often referred to as the key to many top executives success.

Delegate – Don’t Stagnate

It’s hard to admit, but the main factor holding back the growth of a small business or start-up is often the owner themselves.

Learn to delegate and avoid micromanagement. Learn to lead, rather than dictate, and most of all, attach a value to your time and the next time a mundane task rears it’s head, ask yourself, would i do this for $25 per hour for someone else’s business? NO so why do it for my own.

Your business will thank you for it!

Common things to outsource / delegate that are often overlooked:

So I ask you, stop what you’re doing and just think: am I getting in the way? What’s the first step in getting rid of this stuff and take that step!

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